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„Only if you know about each other can you recommend yourself.“ The motto of our Active Network Community.

Netzwerk HELDEN

Why join network HELDEN?

As a network HELD you have the opportunity to present yourself and your company to others in network meetings online or offline and to benefit from recommendations to YOU

Meet self-employed / Entrepreneurs & Networkers from all over the WORLD.

A place where YOU can connect with the whole WORLD.

Unique system and website with INFINITY POSSIBILITIES.

We support active networks with special possibilities. Providing tools, organized events, referrals to members and much more.

People with the same INTERESTS will find IDEAS VISIONS.

Get to your destination faster together. Find people who support you and your project and visions.


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Mathilda Brinker

Super Community


Mathilda Brinker
Mark Valentine



Mark Valentine
Long Island, NY
Nicholas Grissom



Nicholas Grissom
San Francisco, CA


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